Pomona Active Transit Plan-Passed!


In a unanimous vote, the Pomona City Council approved the Active Transportation Plan this past Monday, March 3rd.  This plan show that the City is now committed to creating safer streets for cyclists, pedestrians and even drivers in the City of Pomona. With the plan adopted, the City is now a viable candidate to apply for grants to build bike lanes, create bicycle education programs, push for Safe Routes to School programs and improve street infrastructure- just to make a to name a few proposed programs in the plan.


At Monday’s council meeting, bicyclists filled the council chambers forcing the ATP to be moved first on the General Plan update list. For almost an hour, cyclists and like-minded individuals spoke out and supported the plan. Residents who have never spoken in front of a council before, practiced their civic duty and told the council how they want the ATP. Over 3o people spoke in support of the plan one of them a Pomona  princess candidate who changed from a tiara to a bike helmet, and a father and his young daughter who insisted to speak in front of the council demanding safer streets for her family.


The ATP is a step in the right direction for Pomona as it can help the Pomona Valley reach AB32 and SB375 goals of reducing green house gases and creating sustainable solutions. It also demonstrates that the City is committed to creating safer streets for cyclists in the area.


We are proud and happy  and proud to work with a community of passionate cyclists. As always, the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition strives to create safe streets for all and  we look forward to working with the City in creating a safer and healthier Pomona. You can read more about the meeting at LA Streetsblog and the Daily Bulletin.

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Walk to School Day



International Walk to School Month is in October and we were fortunate enough to work with a Montvue Elementary School in Pomona. The rain might have made us reschedule the original date of Wednesday the 9th, but on Friday the 18th, hundreds of kids walked and biked to Montvue Elementary. Walking and biking to school is a habit we support as it promotes exercise, has health benefits, cleans the air and environment, promotes street safety  and is fun! None of this could have been accomplished had it not been for the spirit and enthusiasm of Principle Alejandro Villa, who helped set up the event and get the parents involved. A big thank to Council Women Paula Lantz for connecting us to the school and supporting this event. Walk to School day is supported by the National Center for Safe Routes to School a program we strongly support and encourage.

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CICLE Led Bike Ride to Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch


Ever been to the famous Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival? Ever been there on bike? Well if you haven’t, here’s you chance to explore the wonderful world of the Cal Poly Pumpkins via bike. With the sponsorship and support of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (Metro), CICLE  (Cyclists Inciting Change thru LIVE Exchange) will be leading this fun community bike ride from downtown Pomona to the Pumpkin Festival at Cal Poly Pomona via side streets in Pomona. At the festival, riders will receive a unique welcome, explore thousands of pumpkins, the Farm Store, game booths, a corn maze, the popular Insect Fair and much more! We encourage you to bring a trailer to haul your pumpkins, but trailers will also be provided to help with the load.

Admission is FREE. Pumpkins from the patch are $5 each. Insect Fair: $6 adults; $4 students and children 3-12 years; 2 and under are free.
Prices for individual activities such as the corn maze, horse rides and the petting zoo vary. The Farm Store staff will generously provide 10% coupons to participants to use at the store

The ride is made possible by LA County Metro. Metro is the planner, builder and operator of LA county’s expanding public transportation system and has played an important role in bicycle planning and project funding since 1993. The ride will be lead by CICLE, a non-profit organization working to promote the bicycle as a viable, healthy and sustainable transportation choice. Metro’s sponsorship of CICLE event’s help fulfill the agency’s goal of encouraging bicycle trips and promoting safe cycling skills.

Join us on the fun on Sunday October 20th meeting at 10:30am at Thomas Plaza in downtown Pomona. Ride leaves at 11am sharp and will return by 2pm. Please come with your bike in working order and with some knowledge on how to ride a bike. Children under 8 years old should be on a tag-a-long, bike trailer, tandem, or other safe child-carrying device to participate in the ride. Baskets and trailers are encouraged! Riders under 18 must wear a helmet! This ride is FREE for all to attend! Cookies and cider will be served after the ride at the Loft gallery in downtown Pomona. You can RSVP on Facebook here.

To volunteer email us at pvalleybikes@gmail.com

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Party for Pomona Valley-Thank You BBQ


It’s been rumored that bicyclist who work hard also play hard and we here at PVBC want to say thank you to all those who helped us during Bike Month in May and to all those who continue to support us throughout the year by throwing  a Thank You BBQ Party to all. It’s also a way to get everyone excited for our fall programs and events and chance for new folks to get involved with PVBC. We will be BBQ-ing hot dogs and veggie dogs plus snacks, drinks and for those over 21, we will be serving Pomona Queen from Dales Bros Brewery. Donations suggested.  We will be partying it up at the Sculpture Garden in downtown Pomona 538 W. 2nd St from 5pm-10pm on Saturday 21st- after party in downtown can be arranged.  Excited to see you all there!

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Pomona Art Walk with Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition

The Art Walk is this Saturday and we have been busy putting together bike maintenance and education for all in the Pomona Valley. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible to educate, empower and bring the community together. And the Art Walk seemed like a perfect place. Bring your bikes for tune-up and repairs, learn some bike safety tips and rules of the road and make your own spoke cards while checking out the local art galleries and eateries.  We are exited to be putting this event for all of you and hope to see you all there!

Take a look at our schedule for Saturday:

Bike Maintenance and Education Presentation: 3pm-6pm Sculpture Garden 538 W. 2nd Street Pomona

Spoke Card Art: 5pm-9pm Farmers Market Thomas Plaza. DIY spoke cards at our table. We will have markers and coloring materials for you to make your own spoke card

Bike Art Galleries: 6pm-9pm Ink’d Chronicles 264W. 2nd St. and Gallery 611 on 611 W 2nd St with Gallery 611 hosting post-art walk bike events

Bike Ride: 9pm. Glam your bike up, put on x-mas lights, shine-y gear and bike bling and ride around downtown. End the night with a fun bike party!

We still need a few more volunteers for this event. Please sign up here to volunteer!


Bike Week:

Bike Week starts Monday May 13th-Friday 17th. There are plenty of events going on county-wide and you can find them here. Here list of events we have planned for certain days during Bike Week:

Community Bike Ride/Memorial Ride Wednesday May 15th:

Ride along the Pacific Electric Trail to Route 66 Trailhead. This is a separated bike path and we will ride at a leisurely pace and make a stop at the 7-11 by the Trailhead. This is also a ride of Silence so please bring the names of those you would like to honor. Meet at Jax Bike Shop 217 W First St  Claremont, CA 91711 6pm, ride out at 6:30pm. 12 mile loop

Bike to Work Day  Pit Stop Thursday May 16th:

PVBC and City of Pomona Pit Stop at the Pomona Transit Station on 1st and Main. Coats Cyclery will be there. 7am-9am

REI Pit Stop on Pacific Electric Trail at Central Park on the Pacific Electric Trail 6am-9am

City of Covina Pit Stop 6oo N. Citrus 6an-8:30am.

A complete list of Bike to Work Pit Stops in LA County can be found here.

Bike to Work Happy Hour at The Press 129 N Harvard Ave  Claremont, CA 91711 5pm-whenever. Special prices on certain food and drinks.

City of Covina Public Works Fair:

PVBC will be doing a bike education presentation at the Covina Public Works Fair on Saturday May 18th from 11am-2pm at the Public Works Yard on 524 N. Barranca. Covina Valley Cyclery will be doing free bike tune-ups during the event.

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Bike Month 2013


Spring is in the air…and so are bikes! Especially in the month of May! May is nationally recognized Bike Month and we are getting excited about all the cool things that will be happening in May like Bike to Work Day, bike rides and bike safety and education at the Covina Public Works Fair. We are mostly t exciting event to be part of the Pomona Art Walk on May 11th as ee will be hosting a bike maintenance workshop, bike education and bike safety materials and an opportunity to create some cool spoke cards for your bike.  More deets to come, but we can use all the help and volunteers we can get! If you have bike repair talent, an artstic skill, or just want to help out then email us at: pvalleybikes@gmail.com to volunteer. Hear from you soon!

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Call for a Metrolink Bicycle Access Plan

In the last few years, given increasing gas prices and traffic, many Southern Californians have turned to Metrolink commuter trains as part of their daily commute. Whether you decide to drive, walk, take a bus, bicycle or get dropped off at a Metrolink station, once you arrive at your destination station, you’re reliant on some other form of transportation (such as walking, using a shuttle/ bus/ light rail/ subway or riding a bicycle) to reach your final destination. As many employers or destinations are located in areas far from transit stops or stations, bicycling to and from the train station has become an increasingly practical and healthy way to get where you need to be.

With the debut of the Bicycle Car (with limited availability on select routes) transit users can bring their bicycle aboard the Metrolink train, secure it into a high-capacity bicycle rack and make their long distance bicycle-on-transit commutes work. For Metrolink commuter trains without these high-capacity bicycle cars, many areas near exit doors, aisles, stairwells, restrooms and other seats may be obstructed with bicycles, standing passengers as well as others with carts and luggage; all of which have potential of being safety hazards. For Metrolink commuter trains with the bicycle car, bicycles are safely secured out of the path of other Metrolink riders.

Crowded train car designed to accommodate only three bicycles.

Crowded train car designed to accommodate only three bicycles.

One PVBC member contacted the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (doing business as Metrolink) via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and U.S. postal mail requesting that a bicycle access plan be completed to address future ridership demands.

Below is the letter sent to Metrolink’s CEO, Michael P. DePallo, on Friday, March 8, 2013.

Dear Mr. DePallo,

I am an Urban and Regional Planning graduate student at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona writing a thesis case study regarding bicycle integration on commuter rail. I am also a committee member of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, a regional chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as well as an active volunteer and member of other bicycle coalitions across the Los Angeles metropolitan region and a Bicycle Ambassador in the San Francisco Bay area. I am among many who are staunch supporters and users of public transportation who view a service such as yours, as essential to help improve health and wellness through mitigating traffic growth, air pollution and most importantly, connecting people to their destinations.

Metrolink has notably emerged as a very innovative regional force in providing safe and reliable public transportation. From pulling out the stops to debut peak-hour, directional express trains to constructing additional stations in previously underserved areas, Metrolink has pushed forward Positive Train Control as well as the development and acquisition of Guardian Fleet rolling stock, reinforcing its commitment to safety and ridership development. No longer relegated to operating during commute hours, Metrolink evening and weekend service has helped increase ridership to record levels, year after year. In addition, special trains serving Dodgers, Angels and Ducks games, NASCAR competitions, the Los Angeles County Fair and other community events have cemented Metrolink as a viable transit alternative outside of the work commute. Your commitment to service is what allows for dedicated and discretionary riders to make Metrolink their commute of choice.

As a planner, I am sure that you are aware of a growing ridership segment that uses bicycles to connect Metrolink to their final destination. In recent months I have come across picture messages on Twitter posted by Metrolink riders (and retweeted @BikeMetrolink) regarding bicycle storage areas that are at or over capacity.  I have also come across tweets praising Metrolink for innovative reuse of existing Bombardier rolling stock for bicycle carriage on a select number of trains. I am aware that in order for public transportation, such as Metrolink to remain viable at an operational level, growth needs to be encouraged through marketing efforts and services that benefit its diverse riders.

As a commuter cyclist whenever possible, I use Metrolink to enhance my reach to a final destination. Cycling is very effective for short trips, whereas public transit works for moderate to long trips on well-served corridors. Combining cycling along with the capacity of Metrolink commuter rail service along already well-served transit corridors enable the ability to cover the first and last mile for those who cannot use transit or walk a reasonable distance to their final, suburban destination.

What I request of the Southern California Regional Rail Authority is the creation of a comprehensive bicycle access plan to address your growing segment of transit ridership to ensure safety and quality for all. Such a plan may encompass bicycle carriage on transit as well as amenities on board trains and at stations for those who do not arrive by car. For example the plan can address bicycle car availability/ standardization across the entire fleet, identification markings and location of the bicycle car for each train set and wayfinding of where such cars will stop on station platforms. Proposals regarding bicycle rack use, destination tags, loading/ unloading procedures and availability of bicycle pumps and tools can be examined as well. A bicycle access plan will help Metrolink users and address future ridership growth, given the passage of California AB 32 and SB 375 as well as bicycle plans among your respective member cities and counties.

As a rider and planner, I am committed to Metrolink’s innovation towards even greater success. What I envision is the creation of a partnership between SCRRA, metropolitan planning organizations, various cycling groups and bicycle coalitions in order to help strategize a bicycle access plan for your agency’s future growth. I have found substantial interest from riders as well as members of area bicycle coalitions in working together to enable and help market Metrolink as the commute of choice for more people across Southern California.

Should you be interested in opening a dialogue to strategize future innovation, I invite you to reach out to the greater community, as your riders already tweet @BikeMetrolink. I am very committed to help Metrolink further succeed and I look forward to hearing from you and your organization. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Respectfully Yours,

Cuong Phu Trinh

If you are interested in receiving updates, please e-mail bikemetrolink (at) gmail (dot) com with your name, name of the line that you use, station pairs and train numbers (if you are a regular commuter.) Also please follow @BikeMetrolink on Twitter, like Bike Metrolink on Facebook and add BoB Metrolink to your Google+ circles.

If you are aboard a Metrolink train, please tweet any and all pictures of full or overflowing bicycle racks to @Metrolink and @BikeMetrolink along with the train number. An example of such formatting is shown below, tweeted by a daily commuter of the Inland Empire/ Orange County line.

Example of a tweet to @BikeMetrolink and @Metrolink from a passenger on the IE/ OC line. This crowded train car was designed to accommodate only two bicycles.

Example of a tweet to @BikeMetrolink and @Metrolink from a passenger on the IE/ OC line. This crowded train car was designed to accommodate only two bicycles.

@bikemetrolink @Metrolink 803, the next car over is 5 bikes deep when we made our bike car scramble pic.twitter.com/jwZ2XTJwxq

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Cuong via e-mail at bikemetrolink (at) gmail (dot) com, at a scheduled PVBC meeting or on Twitter @PedalingCuong or @BikeMetrolink. A PDF of the unsigned letter can be viewed at this link on Google Drive.


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